Where do you get your beads from?

The majority of the beads used in my necklaces are reworked secondhand jewellery from eBay, charity shops and vintage fairs in my local area.

Disclaimer - Due to the secondhand or vintage nature of my beads, I cannot always be 100% sure what their material is, nor can I tell how old it is - vintage materials may show slight signs of wear.

All freshwater pearls used in my pieces are secondhand or from vintage necklaces.

What hardware do you use?

All hardware (wire, headpins / eye-pins, crimps, jump rings and clasps) are high-quality 304/316 stainless steel. This is hypoallergenic, non-tarnish and extremely durable.

How do you price your items?

There are many hidden costs that at first glance you may not take into account! I price my items based on the time it takes me to make them, the cost of the materials themselves (because I buy everything second-hand, I do not bulk buy my beads from Amazon or Ali Express so the cost tends to be higher), and the comparative prices of my peers selling similar jewellery. Additional costs include transaction / website fees, online advertising, packaging and shipping, commissioning art and making my own glass beads, which takes a lot of time, materials, and practice. All of this is reflected in the price of my jewellery, however I am proud that my costs have not risen too much since I started out as I am to be an inclusive brand that everybody is able to afford. If you are unable to afford a certain piece I will consider (at my discretion) creating a payment plan or taking a deposit until you are able to pay - please email or DM on instagram for this!

Do you offer loyalty rewards?

Yes! Anybody who purchases from Jewelz by Mealz will receive a discount code for a future purchase from the website. Customers who buy multiple things in one order, or over time, will receive various freebies and bonus discounts as a thank you. 

Do you offer repairs?

Absolutely - any purchase from Jewelz by Mealz comes with lifetime repair option should anything go wrong. I ask that you cover the postage to me and I will repair and ship it back to you free of charge. I can also provide guidance or online assistance if a small thing has gone wrong, such as a clasp fixture or a jump ring coming loose. If you are based internationally, I can cover the costs of repair from a local jewellery maker in your area if you would prefer.

I have recently switched to much higher quality materials so it is highly unlikely that anything will break, but if you purchased something from a while ago and the beading string snapped or any chain came loose please keep hold of all the beads and I will remake the necklace for you.