Jewelz by Mealz was founded with the aim to create wearable art out of pre-loved and existing treasures; focussing on the elements of up cycling and reworking to keep existing materials in circulation and provide an alternative to fast fashion. 

I have always been passionate about our environment and believe that looking for alternative ways of consumption is the way forward, as the fashion industry (particularly fast fashion) is decimating our planet. We all like to buy new things, whether its to treat ourselves, complete that special outfit or keep up with the trends, and by purchasing from Jewelz by Mealz you are able to do this whilst minimising the negative environmental impact, supporting a small business and funding charitable initiatives along the way.

Some of my styles use beads or pendants sourced from other small businesses, but the majority of my pieces are 100% up-cycled and made with reworked vintage and secondhand pieces.

You can read more on my instagram about the different charity drops I have done so far, but I am always looking for new places to donate a portion of my profits to, so please do get in touch if you have any ideas!